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Cassida - Cassida C 550 Coin counter and off sorter - Cassida C 550


Three-speed coin dispenserCoins and tokens acceptedEasy and adjustable Specifications Max counting speeds: 2300 coins/min3 modes: count and off-sort, add, batchHigh capacity hopper: 11000 coins

Cassida - Coin counter sorter Cassida C200 - Cassida С 200


A Complete Solution to Coin Counting. The Cassida C200 is an all-in-one solution for any coin handling need. It counts, adds, batches, and wraps automatically. Easy to use The C200 recognizes individual denominations and sorts them automatically into large bins. No dials and no knowledge of coin dimensions required. Just load the hopper, press start, and walk away. Grand total of all coins is displayed and detailed reports for each denominations are within a button?s reach. Counting, adding, and batching The C200 includes all the counting modes you would expect to find on a Cassida-designed coin sorter. Batch mode counts amounts as low as 1 coin or as high as 500. An easy-to-read LED display shows both number of coins and dollar amount for each denomination, as well as the grand total. One step sorting and wrapping It takes only seconds to exchange the C200's bins for the included wrapping attachments. One button sets roll batch amounts for all denominations and C200 stops automatically when a wrapper is full, great for fast-paced environments where there is a need to switch between wrapping and bulk sorting. Fast, but quiet The C200 is quiet in operation, even when counting and sorting at 300 coins per minute! Countable coins: Pennies, nickels, dimes, quartersHopper capacity: 1500 coins (dimes)Reports dollar value for each denominationCounting speed: 250 coins/minuteBatching range: 0-500 coinsAdding range: 0- 999999Coin drawer capacity: Up to 900 coins (dimes)Sorts each denomination into a separate drawerAutomatically displays total value of all counted coinsIndividual batch setting for each denominationAutomatic memory for batch settingWarranty: 1 year full parts and labor warranty

Cassida - Cassida I-sort currency counter machine - 8213756


Multi-currency count and detection, Constant count and detection quality, Cashier comforts Specifications Counting speed, bills/min: 800/1000/1200Operating modes: Simple and mix count, batch, add, sortHopper/Stacker/Reject capacity, notes: 500/200/30

Cassida - 3 currency Cassida Titanium - Cassida Titanium


3D, UV, MG, MT, FL, CIS IR,DBL HLFChainSD ModesDenomination - counted denominationCount - number of counted bills of the given denominationAmount - total value of counted bills of the given denominationTotal - total number and total value of all counted billsMIXED MODE Reports on the displayCounting modeSelected denomination Total number of billsTotal value of all counted bills Total number and value for each denominationError codeTime setOptions (not included): External display, Printer Brand : CassidaType : Money Counter

Cassida - Cassida 6650 UV-MG series, money counter - Cassida 6650 UV


Banknote Counter 6650 UV/MG from Cassida is designed for counting of paper currency. Employment of this Banknote Counter provides an opportunity to optimize working process at trade enterprises. Herewith, announced speed of counting operations features 1000 banknotes per minute. Also such option, as checking banknotes. Specified in the model 6650 UV/MG Stacker capacity features of 400 banknotes. Therewith, Hopper capacity is about of 300 banknotes.

Cassida - Cassida 7700 UV Single Value Bill Counter - Cassida 7700 UV


AutoFeed TM SensControl TM Waterproof and anti-dust panel Auto adjustment for better counting Built-in voltage surge and noise protection 

Cassida - Cassida 5520 UV Back loading bill counter - Cassida 5520 UV


Constant count quality w/o failures Anti-static systemResults of last 2 counts displayed Waterproof and anti-dust panel Specifications Counting speed: 1300 bills/min4 modes: count, add, batch, ValuCount TM

Cassida - Cassida 5510 UV Basic Bill Counter - Cassida 5510 UV


CompactCarrying handleLow noiseSpecifications Counting speed: 1300 bills/min3 modes: count, add, batch

Cassida - Cassida H50 Portable Counter - Cassida Н50


Battery or AC powerd for mobilityBattery level indication Count bills, checks, lottery tickets etcProtective coverSpecifications Counting speed: 600 bills/min2 modes: count, add

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