Copic Multiliner pink 0,05mm-22075506


Pigment based ink is waterproof and won’t bleed or smear when used with COPIC Markers.Multiliners are available in Black, Brown, Cobalt, Cool Grey, Lavender, Olive, Pink, Sepia, Warm Grey and Wine.Colored Multiliners are available in sizes 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5mm.

Copic Multiliner sepia 0,5mm-22075504


Copic Multiliners are permanent, waterproof pigment pens that will not bleed into Copic markers. These precision drawing pens come in a variety of sizes as well as unique brush tips that offer a distinct line variation. They are ideal for scrapbooking, comic design ... Copic Multiliners - .05 mm - - Sepia. 

Copic Multiliner sepia 0,3mm-22075503


Architects, designers, illustrators, and sketch artists love these high-quality Copic Multiliner SP pens, because they meet all the demands of their inking work. The pens contain waterproof and bleed-proof pigment-based ink, and they are environmentally friendly because they last long and the nibs are replaceable.

Copic Multiliner sepia 0,1mm-22075502


Multiliners are now available in brown and warm gray!We’ve also expanded our line of cool gray and sepia multiliners to include the 0.03mm nib – the smallest size on the market – and the sepia line now includes two fun-to-use brush sizes!Ideal for all of your fine-inking needs, Multiliners start from size 0.03mm and work all the way to our thick Brush Medium pen.These pigment-based ink pens are great for details, fine art, design, comics, modeling, journaling and papercrafting.Copic Multiliner Features:Pigment-based inkWaterproof & Archival

Copic Multiliner sepia 0,05mm-22075501


With their precise tips and high-quality inks, Copic Multiliners are a favorite tool of artists, illustrators, and architects for meeting the rigorous demands of their inking work. Features: Pigment-based ink. Waterproof, bleed-proof, acid-free, archival quality. Compatible with Copic Markers. Photocopy-safe—does not dissolve ...

Copic Multiliner Pen Size :- 0.1 ( Black) - Classic-2207502


The Copic Multiliner SP is a waterproof, bleed proof and pigment-based pen that is a very convenient and environmentally friendly. The pen is refillable with ink cartridges and the nib is replaceable. Eachpen is made from durable aluminum and comes in a variety of sizes. Architects, designers, illustrators and sketch artists ...

Copic Multiliner Pen Size :- 0.03 ( Black) - Classic-2207500


Copic Multiliner Pen Size :- 0.3 ( Black) - Classic. Copic Multiliner ... Pen Features: ユ Pigment Based Inking Pens ユ Aluminum Body ユ Refill Cartridges ユ Replaceable Tips ユ Black in 10 sizes- including 0.03 mm thru Brush ユ Waterproof & Archival ユ Compatible with Copic Markers ユ Photocopy Safe - won't dissolve toner ...

Copic Multiliner - Nib Size :- 0.05-2307521


COPIC Multiliner Black Drawing PensThe COPIC Multiliner pen is the ultimate drawing pen. They are made to mimic old fashioned technical pens- only without the mess. COPIC Multiliners draw perfect precision lines in deep black ink. The ink is waterproof and COPIC marker proof; so you can do drawing using these pens ...

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