Sandwich Maker

Geepas - 3 In 1 Detachable S/S Sandwich Maker 1x6 - GSM5425


·         With detachable plate·         Cool touch housing·         Sandwich/grill/waffle plate·         Non-stick coating plate·         Easy open handle·         With power and ready indicator lights·         Stand upright for compact storage·         and space saving·         Skid-resistant feet ·         AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz 750W

Geepas - 2 Slice Sandwich Toaster/Nonstick Plate 1X6 - GS672


Make your breakfast or afternoon tea time more fun and enjoyable with the Geepas Sandwich Toaster. It is built with non-stick cooking plates that heat the bread to a perfect golden-brow. The thermostat control sets uniform temperatures to prevent excess heating. This toaster comes with indicator light and can heat two bread loaves at a time. This toaster offers efficient use and has a warranty of 6 months.·         Non-stick cooking plate·         Thermostat control        Toasts two bread loaves at a time ·  

Geepas - 25 Pcs Nut Maker/Nonstick cooking plate 1x4 - GNM6158


·         Cool-touch housing·         Stand upright for compact storage and space saving·         Non-stick coated plates for easy cleaning·         Skid-resistant feet·         Power on & ready lights ·         AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz 1100W

Geepas - 12 Pcs Nut Maker/Non-stick Cooking Plate 1x6 - GNM6157


·         2 Years Warranty ·         Cool-touch housing ·         Stand upright for compact storage and space saving ·         Non-stick coated plates for easy cleaning ·         Skid-resistant feet ·         Power on & ready lights ·         AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz 650-780W

B&D - SandwichMaker - TS4000-B5


Every day is a party when you have the Black & Decker TS4000 Sandwich Maker. It lets you can prepare a variety of sandwiches with ease. It is very easy to use and gives you finger licking results. It takes very little time to heat up and also lets you select the cooking temperature according to your wish. The appliance is safe to use as it has built in overheat protection. The design of the maker is very elegant and fits any space in the kitchen with its compact structure.4 Slices1200 Watts1 KGs   Thermostat control   Black

B&D - Sandwichmaker - TS2090-B5


Non-stick coated cooking plates,Interchangeable plate function,Thermostat control,Cool exterior touch,Indicator and ready to cook light,Lock-on lid,interchangeable plates of sandwich and waffle Features:Non-stick surface, ideal for fast cleaning.‘On’ and ‘Ready’ indicators.Thermostatic control for even toasting.2 slots for sandwiches, with a horizontal divide.Space-saving upright position. 

B&D - Sandwich Maker 600W - TS1000-B5


The Black & Decker TS1000 B5 Sandwich Maker is what you need to enjoy tasty snacks easily and quickly. It has two large cut slots that help you make two sandwiches simultaneously. The sandwich maker lets you know when it's heated up with its ready to cook light. And with the indicator light, it tells you when is the time to remove your sandwiches. The maker has a secure lock and lid system that ensures safe and perfect cooking. To minimize accidents during operation, it has built in overheat protection. The appliance is safe to touch even while it's on as its body is heat resistant. Therefore, it stays cool at all timesVertical Space saving storage600 W   Voltage: 220-240 V   Black



There are various types of sandwiches, and you can make each one at home while saving time and effort with the Black & Decker TS4080 B5 4 Slot Sandwich Maker. And the results are also tastier. This electronic appliance operates on a 1400W motor. Its features are very easy to use, so you are spared from any complications while preparing your recipe. It has four big slots that helps you place an entire bread piece cut into four for grilling. Its plates are interchangeable for hassle free utility and are nonsticky so you can clean them off easily after use.4 Slots1400 Watts4 KGs5 meters cableBlack

Russel Hobbs - Sandwich Maker 700W - 17936


Russell Hobbs 1080 Watts Sandwich Maker offers a capacity to hold two slices at one time. This sandwich maker has a power on and off indicator. Create quick and easy mouth-watering sandwiches with the Russell Hobbs 1080W Sandwich Maker. This sandwich maker lets you make delicious snacks for your friends and family in minutes. With the seals, two rounds of sandwiches and two portion sandwich toaster cuts get shaped and toasted. It has a capacity to hold two slices at one time. The Russell Hobbs sandwich maker allows you to whip up tasty sandwiches right at your home. Thanks to the power on and ready to cook indicator lights, this sandwich maker is simple to use. It has smooth, non-stick plates that make cleaning up a breeze. Lock the handle into place, and the sandwich toaster can be stored in the upright position. The cord can also be wrapped neatly around the base providing a complete storage solution. The toasting function toasts the sandwich in an even manner

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