Audionic Mega-33 2.1 Channel Hi Fi speakers with FM radio


Mega-M33 is especially engineered and designed for high beat and base listeners. You can enjoy your Entertainment time with your Mega-33 quality speakers. Its durability last for long due to its premium-technology.USB Supportedjust plug in USB & play MP3 files directly.Built-in FM RadioBuilt-in FM Radio, Use this speaker as a FM Radio without connecting it to the PC.SD CARDjust plugs in SD Card in Audionic Rex 8 & Enjoy the music.REMOTE CONTROLThis speaker system comes with a wireless remote control that has full function in adjusting your sound Output levelsPower Output:Its power output is 14W + 12W x 2

Audionic Speakers Mega 30 2.1 Channel


Audionic Mega 30, the pioneer of sound technology. The reliable and durable sound system that possess the potential to last for many years. These speakers are especially engineered to give user awesome sound experienceMega-30 Speakers Contains: USB supported:USB support helps user to directly play the MP3 files. F.M RADIO Supported:It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful. Q4 Quad Core:It is supported with SD/MMC card slot to play MP3 music anytime. Drive Unit: It has 3 inch x 2 satellite system and 5 inch Sub-Woofer. Wireless Remote:It is provided with wire-less remote to turn the system ON and OFF. Power output:Power output is 12W + 8W x 2 which consumes less electricity.

Audionic Mega 5 2.1 Channel Speaker


Audionic now brings you HIGH quality sound experience with our new MEGA-5 2.1 channel Hi Fi Speakers. When you look beyond the ordinary speakers you will find our MEGA 5-speakers above many, Mega-5 speakers are stylish and one of the best speakers available Pakistan. Its sound quality is recognized among many sound lovers, the high beats and bass give user the wonderful sound experience, Engineered and designed especially for high beat and base lovers. You can enjoy your Entertainment time with your Mega-5 base speakers. Its durability last for long time because of its premium-technology.USB supported:USB support helps user to directly play the MP3 files.F.M RADIO Supported:It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.SD/MMC SLOT Supported:It is also supported with SD/MMC card slot to play MP3 music anytime.Drive unit:It has 3 inch x 2 satellite system and 5 inch Sub-Woofer.Wireless Remote:It is provided with wire-less remote to turn the system ON and OFF.Power output:Power output is 6W + 3W x 2 which consumes less electricity.

Audionic Glance Speaker G-5 2.1 Channel Speaker


Looking for compact speakers that are big on sound quality and power? Look no more as Audionic's Glance G5 speakers are here to fulfill your sound needs. The 2.1 channel speakers boast amazing sound quality and immaculate looks to maintain Audionic's image as the sound master in the current speakers market. The system consists of a 4 inch sub woofer and two 2.5 inch satellite speakers that produce excellent quality of sound at an affordable price.Hi-fi Sub-wooferThe Hi-Density subwoofer is skilled to provide high class bass output. 2.1 Channel SoundIt Includes 2 Satellite Speakers to handle higher frequency and 1 Subwoofer for lower frequency. This combination creates amazing sound quality.   Drive UnitDrive Unit: 4 inches + 2.5 inches x 2 Power outputPower Output: 5W + 3W x 2 USB poweredPowered by USB to provide optimum sound quality without any hassle.

Audionic BlueTune BT-850, 2.1 Channel hi-fi Speakers


Providing the best blend of "Bass and Sound quality" altogether in 2.1 channel speakers. Unleash the true power of Audionic's BT 850 speakers to entice anyone that is present in it's range. Connect it with phone, tablet, led or laptop via bluetooth. A little old school maybe? Don't worry, you can connect it via aux or put your Sd card or USB.     Lay back & Relax Audionic BT-850, 2.1 Channel Hi Fi Speakers have remote with it. You can control all the functions from distance. Relax and enjoy the sound with the help of a wireless remote. Takes control in any EnvironmentAudionic BlueTune speaker delivers excellent sound quality and immaculate bass.The 2.1 Channel BT 850 Audio system is engineered to provide superior acoustics for any space.Multiple connectivityConnect the BT-850 wirelessly to computers that don’t support Bluetooth using the USB transceiver. Just use the 3.5 mm auxiliary input to plug in any device with audio output like TVs, music players or game consoles.Bluetooth Wireless Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to control your music and stream audio wirelessly. Whether next to the Blue tunes or across the room, you’ll enjoy wireless freedom and simplicity.Easy ControlsAudionic BT-850, 2.1 Channel Hi Fi Speakers have remote with it. You can control all the functions from distance. Relax and enjoy the sound with the help of a wireless remote. 

Audionic U-Club I Series uniquely designed speakers, 2.0 channel


To increase the user quality experience in the field of work and entertainment, Audionic USB speakers are especially engineered to provide quality sound experience to the desktop/laptop users. U-Club-1 are sophisticated speakers with unique design, superior sound quality and amazing outlook.U-club-1  is one of the best USB speakers leading under the 2.0 Multi Media Speaker Category, to enhance your Desktop/Laptop experience, It is especially made for the Desktop/laptop users who wants to spend their quality time on the internet. User can also experience the quality music on U-Club-1, these sophisticated speakers provides you remarkable sound quality. These speakers doesn't require a wall power outlet, as it receives power directly from the computer or laptop's USB port which means  it consumes very less electricity and produce excellent sound quality in reasonable pricing.U-Club I Contains: High Frequency:U-CLUBi is supported with high frequency between 120Hz ~ 20 KHz for the high response High Quality Its drive unite is about 2'' x 2 Impedance Impedance is 4 Ohms. DistortionDistortion is about 0.3% 1W1KHz, High powerPower input is 5V/1A USB supported, means it will consume less electricity

Audionic Ecco 3 2.0 Channel Speaker


ECCO-3 is SMART USB powered with 2.5” x 2 drive unit especially to provide quality sound attention to the desktop/laptop users. ECCO-3 Speakers are extremely sophisticated slim body speakers, due to its exceptional design it covers less area and has superior sound quality. ECCO-3 has a wired remote control to manipulate the sound output.Drive Unite   Drive Unite: 2.5 inches x 2 Output PowerOutput power: 3W x 2 Frequency Response Frequency Response is 120Hz ~ 20 kHz. ImpedanceImpedance: 4Ohms Power inputPower input: 5V/1A (USB)

Audionic Alien 3, 2.0 Channel Speaker Alien 3


Since the dynamic hard effort in the field of knowledge & technology, Audionic deliberately planned countless quantities of quality products, which are known for its high features and specifications. After many achievements in the field of electronics, Audionic presented a new idea to introduce electronic device with name Alien-2 which is particularly designed to satisfy fresh segment that likes advanced style speakers with next level complete sound output, in small Alien-3 Audionic accommodated high-class technology that last for several ages. The 2.5 inches dual speakers hold up enough output power that produces in quality sound output. Apart from its exceptional functioning it is made from quality computable material with the combination of black and silver color to shape it at as an alien creature. These rare speakers are especially planned for the laptop user who depends on low sound output level, using Alien-3 speakers allow user to experience high output level in small size speakers.Drive Unite   Drive Unite: 2.5” Output PowerP.M.P.O: 300WR.M.S: 3W x 2 Frequency Response Frequency Response is 60Hz ~ 20 kHz. Impedance4 Ohms Input Power90V/230V 



If you want an easy and quick way to get music playing around your home or on the go, then nothing beats the convenience of a pocket speaker. It is convenient and easy to use, just charge up the speaker, connect it to your phone and enjoy the music. Move Inspire is the best solution in this regard and this portable speaker is specially designed for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This audio system is specially configured for the highest quality audio performance. You can use it for long 1-3 hours with support of built-in battery. It requires little power to deliver high audio levels with the impedance of 40 Ohm.Portable Speaker: It is easy to carry and handy enough to be used anywhere. Design: With compact design and balanced sound, Audionic Move Inspire is a great choice for your portable audio needs. BatteryYou can use it for long upto 10 hours with support of Built-in Li-Battery of 3.7/1000 mAH. Power inputThe speaker has the power input of USB 5V and also has a plug type of 3.5mm Impedance40ohm Frequency response60HZ~20HZ. High Performance: This audio system is specially configured for the highest quality audio performance so the absolute sound offers high performance of speaker. Perfect Listening Experience: Move Inspire proves it's name truly in a way you can experience long lasting listening experience and make your journey pleasant. Compatible:Compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack; such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, iphones, ipads etc. Exquisite design:The design and color makes it unmatchable and the first choice for fashion lovers.

Soundbar HW-M360 Smasung 200W-HW-M360


Channel(s): 2.1 ChRMS Total Power: 200WSound Modes: Dolby Digital (2ch)Type of Ports: USB (1) (Music Playback)

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